Motley's Musical Supplies
Guitars, Drums, Basses, Mics and Amps
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Welcome to Motley musical supplies!

We are the leading Guitar sellers the best musical instruments in the whole of the UK selling a range of instruments such as Lead guitars, Drums, Basses, Amps and Microphones as we only stock the best well known manufactures including  Gibson, Ibanez, Jackson, PRS, Ahead, Zildjian and many more, we also stock signature series guitars these include Slash's Gibson Les Paul, Angus Young's Gibson SG and Herman li's Ibanez. 
We are proud to announce that legendary Ex Guns 'N' Roses Guitarist Slash uses our store to purchase his Gibson Les Paul's. We are also proud to have endorsed him. As Slash is proud buyer from our stores he has donated his Signed Gibson Les Paul which will be putting into a competition.
To win a Marshall JVM Guitar Amplifier Half Stack just enter this competition by answering the following:

What is the fist name of the creator of Marshall

A) Tom
B) Danny
C) Jim
D) Kris

To enter text A,B,C or D to 0194 55437